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Hi there, I’m Ali.

I’m a creative writer and brand storyteller.

Often, those two things overlap. Sometimes they don’t.

I believe in stories in the same way I believe in weather or love or gravity or the radiating goodness from my dog. They’re a constant. They’re the invisible (and visible) force that drives our decisions, maps our histories, and shapes the world around us. They’re how we connect and understand and grow.

My entire life I’ve paid attention to stories. It seems right that I’ve made a career out of them.

A bit more about me: I read as much as I write. I write all over my books (at least the ones I don’t borrow from the library) and dog-ear pages and crack spines. I walk my dog Mable twice a day, and I love a drink on a porch. I always take my coffee hot. I’m a regular hiker and a very new climber. I carry no less than three games with me everywhere I go. I always have a book... and a notebook. (My bag is big.) There’s a plant on nearly every surface of my house, and if it’s above 50 degrees my windows are open.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if need anything.

Stay gold. 

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